Residential Cleaning in Concord, NH

At GAMA Professional Cleaning, we believe in healthy cleaning for healthy living. We strike the perfect balance between the clean home you deserve, and the green cleaning products we believe in. Coupled with old-fashioned hard work and an eye for detail, we ensure a thoroughly clean result you’ll smile about. Contact us for residential cleaning in Concord, NH.

Gentle, Safe Cleaning For Your Home

There is nothing healthy about using toxic and hazardous chemicals to clean our most intimate space – our home. We use only plant-based products that get the job done without threatening the health of your family, your pets, or the planet. Using environmentally sound products provides us the ability to give your home a deeper, healthier cleaning for a safer environment than other commercial or residential cleaning services.

Customized Services

As a full-service residential cleaning company, we have the ability to offer you a full range of cleaning services. We can customize a cleaning plan and schedule to meet your specific needs. This schedule can be designed just for you, whether you need us there weekly, every other week, or monthly.  You will receive consistently clean results because you will have, and get to know, the same person who will be cleaning your house each visit.

A Typical Home Visit

Each residential cleaning service includes the following:

  • Living, Dining, & Family Room Area: Dusting Furniture, Knick-Knacks, Pictures, Exposed Heat Registers/Baseboards, & Windowsills; & Vacuuming Carpets
  • Kitchen Cleaning: Countertops, Small Kitchen Appliances, Outside of Microwave (Interior upon Request), Stove Exterior, Refrigerator Exterior, Cabinet Exterior, Dishwasher/Trash Compactor Exterior, Sink, Faucet, & Drain; Dusting Windowsills & Exposed Heat Registers/Baseboards; & Vacuuming/Mopping Floors
  • Bedrooms & Office Areas: Dusting Furniture, Exposed Heat Registers/Baseboards, Knick-Knacks, & Artwork; & Vacuuming Carpets
  • Bathroom Cleaning:  Tubs/Shower Stalls, Inside & Outside of Toilets, Lights, Mirrors, Countertops, & Cabinet Exteriors; Dusting Exposed Heat Registers/Baseboards; & Vacuuming/Mopping Floors & Rugs
  • Entry, Exit, Stairwell, & Hallway: Dusting Furniture & Exposed Heat Registers/Baseboards & Vacuuming/Mopping Floors. Should you have any other needs specific to your home, we can usually accommodate them.

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Residential Cleaning in Concord, NH
Home Cleaning Services  in Concord, NH

“The level of cleanliness in our office has dramatically improved since you’re company has taken over the cleaning. The products you use are great and smell wonderful. No harsh chemical smells! Just a pleasant smell that felt light and clean. Not only is the cleaning great, but you are wonderful to deal with. I would highly recommend you to other businesses, friends and family and anyone else. You have a great service!”

Barbara, Concord, N.H.