Green Cleaning Services in Concord, NH

A Safe Environment for All

When you choose GAMA Professional Cleaning to clean your home or office, you are taking a positive step toward living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. When choosing our green cleaning services in Concord, NH, you are providing your family, your employees, your customers, and everyone around you with a healthy and safe environment. What’s good for you is good for the environment, too!

About Our Green Cleaning Products

Learn more about our green cleaning products:

  • Made from Natural Sources, Such as Plants, Fruits, & Grains
  • Every Bit as Effective as Traditional Cleaners
  • No Harmful Chemicals, Abrasive Products, or Harmful Toxins
  • Suitable for Chemically Sensitive Individuals, Such as Asthmatics
  • Friendly to Children, Pets, & the Environment

The Benefits

Our green cleaning services boast the following benefits:

  • Promotes Health & Safety
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Helps Reduce Health Problems Associated with Allergens, Chemical Sensitivities, Mold, & Bacteria
  • Reduces Air/Water Pollution, Ozone Depletion, & Global Climate Change

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Green Cleaning Services in Concord, NH
“My husband and I are very pleased with the level of care and attention that is paid to our home. I have allergies that are very sensitive to most cleaning products and I am so happy that their products do not have anything in them that cause me any health problems. My dog also appreciates the pet friendly cleaning products that are used to clean the floors. The prices are very affordable and there are several different services offered. I would recommend GAMA for anyone that is looking for a stress free, easy and affordable way to get their home cleaned.” Kathleen, Pembroke, N.H